My name is Damien Coughlan, also known as The Irish Marketer. I was born and raised in Ireland, on a family farm in County Cork.

I am currently on year 7 of a 10-year plan. My mission is to inspire and help 10,000 people build a business online. I realize that my time on this earth is uncertain, so I am moving with focus, drive, and determination.

In 2012, I got the opportunity to work in the United States. After many amazing years of working the corporate life, I decided to pursue a personal goal of becoming an entrepreneur. I wanted more, my heart told me to challenge myself, and to spread my wings. I left my corporate job after 7 amazing years. My inspiration was Steve Jobs.

My dad is an entrepreneur as a farmer and my mom is a primary school teacher. I think I have combined both of their qualities and merged them into one! To this date, I have created multiple successful eCommerce businesses, mentored and educated hundreds of students through my ecomgraduate program.

My goal is to travel the world, make a positive impact, and spread the word of entrepreneurship. Please follow me on my journey, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride. You can also message me through our chat feature and get our latest news Here.

I have 10-years in corporate America, a 4-year marketing degree, and a 2-year master’s degree in eCommerce.

Kind Regards,
“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Damien Coughlan


Damien is looking to grow at an exponential rate through digital marketing. Damien discovered his gift of helping others at an early age especially once he came out of college! Damien is looking to educate the masses on what the future holds and how to prepare for it. The Irish Marketer, The Irish Agency, EcomGraduate, Pitch Investors Live are some of his current projects.


Damien loves to help with charities, in particular the “Darkness Into Light” movement. This event raises awareness around suicide, self harm, and mental health. This fundraiser takes place each year across 202 venues, 19 countries in five continents.  


Damien is currently writing his first book on E-Commerce. Damien has also delivered presentations through his corporate life, through various events, masterminds, and seminars.


Damien has 100’s of students that are learning eCommerce through his online programs. He also helps businesses build their presence online through digital marketing. Damien also hosts weekly free trainings in his FREE group.


– Damien Coughlan