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Why You Should Focus On One Thing And Trust The Process

"For every disciplined effort, there is a multiple reward." - Jim Rohn
Whether you are an athlete, mother, father, survivor, entrepreneur, husband, wife, or whatever it may be, nothing comes easy...
You must be disciplined for anything good to happen...
Ask any business owner ten to twenty years ago, how long it took them to build a traditional business and become profitable, and they'll say years and years of hard work.
Today, every person expects instant success and gratification. I guess it comes with the way social media portrays a false sense of reality.
I see it recently with Cryptocurrency, people expecting to 10X their portfolio overnight just because some 21-year-old kid got lucky on "doggy coin". (which if asked probably doesn't even know what it is)
People get so distracted by what others are doing and as a result "shiny object syndrome" kicks in.
They fail to complete what they started and end back at square one.
If you've invested in a program, take time and enjoyment in discovering yourself and your true potential. It will be worth it.
If you are someone looking to make the first team on your favorite sports team, take the time to perfect your craft.
If you are seeking out your ideal partner, don't settle for less, just because all your friends are married.
If you have a business that is not yet thriving, don't back down, keep going, innovating, and eventually, it will come good.
For five years straight, I mastered one particular area, which was e-commerce.
As you can see on the left in 2016, it was the first product I ever designed and created by myself (photo in comments), I didn't know anything about the process but I knew I needed to try.
On the right is my new book, over 380 pages of content that outlines the full process of starting and scaling an e-commerce business.
Only today, I am really seeing the impact my efforts are having by people getting the book into their hands.
I am excited and inspired to keep pushing forward and becoming a better version of myself.
Remember, never stop learning because life never stops teaching.
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